Company Registration

Let us be your one-stop shop in your access to European, Middle East, U.K., Luxemburg, Lichtenstein and Swiss markets! We will save your time and money, performing all the needed activities on your behalf, reducing your involvement to the necessary minimum. Our experienced team has already helped in registration of tens of domestic and foreign companies.

A proactive team of experts that reaches out to business decision-makers worldwide and provides top managers with invaluable advice for their international growth strategy.

  • We will put together customized proposals including site and real-estate opportunities, tax and financial incentives, and more
  • We will provide tailored information on market research or opportunities, on the industrial and socioeconomic environment
  • We will conduct targeted studies of your business sector
  • Experts will provide advice meeting your business needs when you come to Serbia
  • We will put you in touch with the industry operators, local and public authorities in Serbia
  • We will help build your project and handle project follow-up
  • We will ensure ongoing support after your business setup

We are acting as your partner in helping setting up a business in Europe, Middle East, U.K., Luxemburg, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. We provide all necessary services for your business in these countries.


Incorporation services we provide for the above juristictions:

  • Registration of name of the new company in the Business Registers Agency of the country of your interest
  • Collecting founder's documentation needed for registration of the new company
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney for signing Articles of Association in name of the founder - optional
  • Preparation of Articles of Association, and adjusting to founders needs
  • Preparation of authorized signature paper for future Director to sign
  • Obtaining the bank instruction for transfer of founders capital to temporary account
  • Organizing signing and certifying of signatures at the country's Court
  • Registering the new company at the Registrar of Companies
  • Organization for making of the stamp of the new company
  • Preparation and filling the Book of shares required by Law
  • Registering the new company at the Tax Authority and obtaining a tax identification code
  • Preparation of all documents and opening of the foreign currency and EUR account in the Bank chosen by founder
  • Designing of the letterhead in accordance to the Law, which will be used on all official documents of the new company
  • Obtaining Social contribution number for employment of future employees
  • Preparation of text of Labour contract for future employees and adjusting to founders needs
  • Preparation and filling of all documents for registering employees at all required institutions and conducting the registration for every employee