Accounting services

accounting services3

Let us be your one-stop shop in your access to European, Middle East, U.K., Luxemburg, Lichtenstein and Swiss markets! We will save your time and money, performing all the needed activities on your behalf, reducing your involvement to the necessary minimum. Our experienced team has already helped in the accouting of tens of domestic and foreign companies under IFRS.

Accounting services we provide for the above juristictions:

  • Management of Book of original entries and General Ledger;
  • VAT registration;
  • CalculCalculation ation of payroll;
  • of all tax liabilities and filing of tax records;
  • Calculation and filing of VAT liabilities;
  • Calculation of depreciation and revaluation;
  • Keeping records of all incoming/outgoing invoices and issue of outgoing invoices;
  • Keeping of billing and travel records;
  • Compilation of annual statutory financial statements;
  • Administration of the Client’s current account;
  • Reporting to founders
  • Consolidated and special purpose financial statements (liquidation, rehabilitation, merger, etc.);
  • Compiling fiscal fillings and balance sheets for legal entities and individuals;
  • Fiscal audit;
  • Fiscal representation;
  • Oversight of compliance with government regulations and preparation of statutory documents/reports in accordance with local statutory requirements, submitting of documents to the relevant local authorities.